Brunello Cucinelli and the “human sustainability”3 min read

Brunello Cucinelli and the “human sustainability”3 min read

It is immediately clear that Brunello Cucinelli, whether you refer to the company or to the businessman, is one of a kind.

Look for example at the sustainability section on the company website. It is more than a corporate page. Not just the “impersonal” sustainability section where each company lists the major ESG achievements, numbers, targets, and – eventually – that pinch of pride that belongs more to the company than to the reader.

When you finish reading the Brunello Cucinelli sustainability section the reader is the proud one. Especially if you are Italian like I am.

First of all, the name says it all, really. The section is called “Harmony with Creation and Human Sustainability” (Armonia con il creato e Umana Sostenibilità in Italian).

After a dissertation of classical myths and who actually was the Greek goddess Harmony, you have something very modern – not futuristic – just actual, existing. The Ten Rules (decalogo) for life and work. Ideals that drive the Company and the businessman.

The Brunello Cucinelli’s Ten Rules of Ideals for Life and Work
Source: Corporate website

At the bottom of the corporate web page dedicated to sustainability, there are three other sections. Once again, this is not just a corporate disclosure of the ESG commitments. This is more. Ten rules for each section, for a total of thirty further rules related to Earth, Co-Workers (pay attention, co-workers not employees), and Partners:

My advice? Read one by one. Carefully. Each one of the 30 rules is a statement full of values (and high-level culture). I picked one for each section and reported it below.

Our Mother Earth: great acknowledge of the responsibility toward the planet. Special mention to rule VII, dealing with the concept of the circular economy.

Our mothers taught us that the art of darning and mending highlights the value of things. John Ruskin used to say that we must necessarily accept the end of the objects we use, still we must do our best to make them last longer. This is precisely the purpose of mending and in our company we have a specific department devoted to it.

Rule VII (Our Mother Earth) – Brunello Cucinelli website

To Our Gracious Co-Workers: the focus is indeed on actual co-workers but especially on the next generation co-workers. Work-life balance, promotion of healthy relationships, development of talent, and culture are other relevant topics.

If our company lasts for centuries, as we hope, this will be the result of the generation turnover that we have always promoted over time.

Rule VIII (To Our Gracious Co-Workers) – Brunello Cucinelli website

To Our Esteemed Partners: the importance of suppliers (more than the supply chain) is highlighted.

We would like your workplaces to be pleasant and welcoming

Rule I (To Our Esteemed Partners) – Brunello Cucinelli website

The “Our Mother Earth” section responds to the “E” of the ESG.

The “To Our Gracious Co-Workers” and “To Our Esteemed Partners” sections respond mainly to the “S” of the ESG.

There is no need to respond also to “G” of ESG. The sustainable governance in Brunello Cucinelli is embedded. Not just in the company. But within the businessman.

Source: Brunello Cucinelli website
Featured image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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