Tiffany kicks-off the traceability of diamonds2 min read

Tiffany kicks-off the traceability of diamonds2 min read

Tiffany will be the first global luxury jeweler to indicate the provenance (region or country of origin) of its individually registered diamonds.

In fact, starting from October 2020 Tiffany will take a further step forward in the field of diamond traceability, disclosing the entire process of its newly procured individually registered diamonds (starting from 0.18 carats).

By taking transparency to a new level and making known the entire process of processing its diamonds, Tiffany strengthens the brand’s commitment to ensuring that every step in the creation of its jewels contributes to the well-being of people and the planet.

Always committed to environmental and social sustainability and, more generally, to CSR (corporate social responsibility), the company will provide to its customers the highest standards, not only in terms of quality but also environmental and social responsibility.

Tiffany sources diamonds from countries including Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania. The company statement is to be committed to a positive impact on the communities where they source.

Through our responsible sourcing practices, we seek to promote the protection of human rights and the environment, as well as create economic opportunity for communities along the diamond supply chain.

Tiffany website

Information relating to the region or country of origin, to the place where each diamond was cut, polished, graded, and certified, and then mounted on a jewel, will be shared with Tiffany’s customers for each newly purchased individually registered diamond. This information may be disclosed by any Tiffany expert and will also be contained within the Tiffany Diamond Certificate.

Read more about Tiffany’s diamond provenance (here) and company engagement for sustainability (here).

Noteworthy is also the activity started by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) on the whole diamond chain. RJC is an international organization whose primary objective is to build a responsible supply chain that goes from the mine to the end-user, passing through processing and the commercial network.

Source: Tiffany website
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