Zotter: the most sustainable chocolate in the world2 min read

Zotter: the most sustainable chocolate in the world2 min read

According to rankabrand.com, Zotter is the most sustainable chocolate in the world. Zotter is also one of the most sustainable companies in Austria.

The company approach is Organic + Fair Trade + Green.

Sustainability strategy


The entire Zotter range is produced in organic quality. For Zotter is important to not merely produce a niche product with an organic label but to shift the entire range to organic cultivation. Building on quality and regional culture right from the start and refraining from the use of preservatives, artificial flavors, and similar shiny products from the chemical industry.

Fair trade

Zotter buys cocoa directly from cocoa farmers, pays much more than the standard global market price, and supports them so they prioritize quality and cultivating fine flavor cocoa varieties (i.e. Criollo, Trinitario, Chuncho, Nacional, and Nativo). This enables the farmers to be completely independent of the global market and its focus on low-grade consumer cocoa. Zotter travels to the cocoa-growing regions often in order to meet the cocoa farmers and in return, invite them to visit the manufactory.


Ecologically and socially sound business practices are economically viable. Zotter is one of the most sustainable companies in Austria. The company’s holistic concept, which follows on from the decision only to use organic and fairly traded ingredients, is evolving and progressing continuously

The entire production runs on eco-power supplied by a photo-voltaic system. Surplus energy is fed into the workshop where the chocolate is made, supplying up to 60 percent of its energy demand in combination with the steam-driven power station.

Far from being regarded as waste, even cocoa bean shells are either converted into thermal energy in the company’s steam-driven power station or used as fertilizer for the vegetable patches.

The hot-water supply is powered by geothermal energy.

The packaging is made from environmentally friendly paper without glossy coating and printed with environmentally friendly colors. Moreover, Zotter uses bioplastics made by Biomat from renewable sources.

Sustainable chocolate is often associated with fair trade. Cocoa is produced in the tropics, where farmers often work under severe conditions. When buying chocolate, look for sustainability hallmarks like Fairtrade, organic, UTZ Certified, and Rainforest Alliance. Compare below where chocolate brands stand in their efforts towards sustainability.

Source: rankabrand.com, Zotter website
Featured image: courtesy of Zotter

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