Sustainable packaging in Coca Cola1 min read

Sustainable packaging in Coca Cola1 min read

Coca-Cola believes in taking a leadership role in a World Without Waste by making packaging part of a circular economy. Launched in 2018, World Without Waste is an environmental initiative that includes the ambitious goal of collecting and recycling the equivalent of every bottle or can the company sells globally by 2030. Because every package should have more than one life.

The innovative packaging design aims to make Coca-Cola’s global packaging 100% recyclable by 2025 and aspires to create packaging that contains at least 50% recycled material by 2030.

Now, at least 50% of PET bottles are made from fully recyclable materials, plant-based materials, and hybrid innovations now available.

Ultimately, Coca-Cola Company’s progress proves that sustainable, circular recycling initiatives are possible – and valuable – for any country and any economy.

Of course, Coca-Cola can’t do it alone and work with stakeholders, nonprofits, communities, governments, and industry to recycle and reuse.

So, what if plastic never became a waste?

Source: Coca Cola website
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