COVID-19: Armani converted production into hospital disposable gowns1 min read

COVID-19: Armani converted production into hospital disposable gowns1 min read

The coronavirus emergency and the plea of health workers for the lack of personal safety equipment have prompted many entrepreneurs to reconvert their productions, especially in making masks.

We spoke already about the generous examples of LVMH (read the full article) and FCA Group (read the full article). The latter by producing lung ventilators, while the French group making the sanitizing gel.

Especially the world of fashion has not backed down and another main player, Giorgio Armani, has decided to convert its productions.

In fact, the Armani Group converted all its Italian production plants into the production of disposable gowns intended for the individual protection of health workers engaged in dealing with Coronavirus.

There are four production sites affected by the full production conversion of the company: Trento, Carré, Matelica, and Settimo.

Armani had immediately allocated donations to the Italian Civil Protection and a few Italian hospitals (Luigi Sacco in Milan, San Raffaele in Milan, Istituto dei Tumori in Milan, Spallanzani in Rome). Later on, Giorgio Armani has decided to give his contribution also to the hospitals of Bergamo, Piacenza and Versilia, arriving at a total contribution of 2 million euros.

More recently, as proof of his generosity, recently Giorgio Armani sent an open letter to all healthcare professionals who are fighting to control the coronavirus pandemic:

Featured image by Maria Godfrida from Pixabay

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