Ikea to sell wind and solar energy for a more sustainable future3 min read

Ikea to sell wind and solar energy for a more sustainable future3 min read

That IKEA is a leader in sustainability is no longer a surprise. The Swedish furniture giant is one of the most committed companies to guaranteeing eco-sustainable products and services. Just think, for example, that IKEA has embarked on a transformation journey to become a circular business by 2030 (read the full article here) and – in general – aims to be “climate positive” by the same date.

And with an eye to a (more sustainable) future, IKEA has decided to sell renewable energy – from solar and wind farms – at an affordable price.

With the STRÖMMA project, the name of a town in Stockholm county, the furniture giant intends to launch its own clean energy retail service which will be active from September 2021 exclusively for customers supplied by the Swedish electricity grid, with the aim to expand the offer to all the markets in which the brand is present once the first phase has been passed.

Svea Solar (the same company that already produces the solar panels for Ikea) will be the official supplier, will purchase electricity from Nordic power exchange Nord Pool and resell it to Swedish households at no extra cost. Families will pay a fixed monthly fee plus a variable fee according to consumption and those who have Ikea solar panels will, in turn, be able to resell their excess electricity. In fact, those who have already converted to photovoltaics will be able to monitor their consumption through the app and directly resell the electricity that they are not using.

IKEA believes that a more sustainable life starts at home and wants to make sustainable living accessible and affordable for the many people. Now, IKEA Sweden adds STRÖMMA to its Clean Energy Services offer, an electricity subscription that will enable the many people to power their homes with electricity, good not only for their wallets but very much so also for the planet. 

INGKA News, August 17th 2021

IKEA has long been committed to equipping its stores and warehouses around the world with photovoltaic systems, even marking the record of one million panels installed worldwide in 2019.

Furthermore, the company intends to immediately invest in new wind and solar farms in order to guarantee a high supply of electricity 100% from renewable sources.

Ikea wants to demonstrate a positive and active approach to the climate (being “climate positive” by 2030), reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than has been achieved so far by the entire value chain, from the production of raw material to the disposal of furniture by the customers. The Swedish multinational sees the offer of renewable energy to its customers as a contribution to reach this goal, as well as representing a potential new revenue stream.

Source: INGKA
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